We’re excited to announce that BPA is installing new parking equipment. This equipment will allow for faster entry and exit times as well as provide customers with the latest parking technology.

What to expect.

BPA will begin transitioning to the new parking equipment over the next few weeks. Since the current parking cards used by monthly customers will not work on the new equipment, customers will be issued new parking cards.  We will begin issuing new cards as the installation process progresses.  Please monitor your email for information from us.

Installation has completed at Deck 8 (2021 3rd Avenue South).
Installation has completed at Deck 4 (2128 4th Avenue North).
Installation has completed at Deck 6 (2010 2nd Avenue North).
Installation has completed at Deck 3 (401 North 20th Street).
Installation has completed at Deck 5 (2012 5th Avenue North).

Morris Ave Lot(s) equipment is currently being installed. We are currently experiencing a delay in the install due to internet service. We expect this installation to be completed before the end of July 2019. Please continue to use your old parking cards until the new system is fully installed. 

Deck 2 parking equipment is currently being installed. We are expecting to finish this installation by July 12, 2019.

We will keep you updated as installation wraps up at the remaining facilities. If you are a merchant that validates parking for your customers, we will be in touch with you about how the new validation process will work.

Also, please note that hourly parking rates will be increasing by $1 per hour, up to a $9 daily max rate. These rates will become effective as the new parking equipment is installed at each location

Stay tuned.   And thank you for your business.